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23 May 2019 Morgan Marine Fighting for Cancer Research UK with UWCB

To show support for Cancer Research UK, two of our very brave employees took up the challenge of a unique opportunity to sign up to the Ultra White Collar Boxing Championship that took place in the Liberty Stadium, Swansea on 30 March 2019.  Not only was this an opportunity for them to raise money and awareness but also a great way to get fit.   After undergoing a gruelling 8 weeks of boxing classes with the Pro’s and gym sessions several times they were ready.  Filled with adrenaline and some apprehension about what they had let themselves in for, they took to the Ring.  With family and friends cheering them on and an electric atmosphere they succeeded in completing what they had set out to do and between them raised over £1,000.00 for Cancer Research UK, a great achievement.  Hayley and Zac pictured below commented “It was an emotional experience but one I will never forget and so pleased I found the courage to participate” “I did it for the people who couldn’t step into the Ring who fight cancer on a daily basis”. Congratulations and really well done.