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GRP Covers

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Morgan Marine modular sectional grp covers are designed to accommodate BS 6399 Part 3 roof loadings, BS CP3 Chapter V Part 2 wind loadings or to other customer specification. With our GRP covers spans of up to 13m can be achieved in heavy duty or light weight (man-handleable) GRP construction. Weatherproof and chemical resistant, these grp covers require little maintenance and have a lifetime in excess of 25 years.

Lifting points, ventilation, access covers and walkways can be incorporated as required.

For one man operation heavy duty GRP covers can be fitted with hydraulic lifting and rolling gear. GRP covers can also have low pressure gas tight seals fitted or be acoustically treated.

With our GRP Access Covers and GRP Hatches Morgan Marine offers a range of quality, inexpensive square grp covers in five sizes (600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm).

Standard colours are green 14.C.39 or grey 10.A.07 (to BS 4800), other colours are available.

Our range of GRP covers are heavy duty, made of chemically resistant GRP composites with non-corroding fittings, including a hasp and staple. Hold open stays can also be fitted.

All the standard grp covers can be supplied in steel.

Clam Hatches
mm A B C D
600 x 600 550 640 845 180
700 x 700 650 740 945 180
800 x 800 750 840 1045 180
1000 x 1000 950 1040 1245 180
1200 x 1200 1150 1240 1445 180
1500 x 1500 1450 1540 1745 180