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LPCB Window Security Bars & Louvres

Bar sets steel bars Security Bar setslouvre ventilation

Morgan Marine provides a range of high quality, low maintenance Bar Sets and Louvres. These products can be ordered to a range of different shapes and sizes. All our Bar Sets and Louvre products are tested to LPS 1175 Issue 7 and LPCB SR2, 3 and 4.

Centaur LPCB Bar Sets

The Centaur range of Bar sets is tested to LPS 1175 issue 7 and certified to SR2, 3 and 4. Bar sets can be both individual or modular in design and come with the option of being reveal fixed or face fixed, the standard finish is galvanized, painted finish is available if required.


  • Individual and Modular Bar sets (SR2, SR3 and SR4)
  • Internal face fixed reveal mounted
  • Modular internal and modular reveal
  • Minimum opening 0.325m2 to maximum opening 6m2

Hercules SAF Louvres


  • Louvres up to 1200mm2 can be combined to an unlimited width (SR2, SR3 and SR4)
  • Ventilation/Cable Cowls up to 1100mm2 (SR2, SR3 and SR4)

Can be fitted in:

  • Hercules and Titan range
  • Hercules doors
  • Replace existing ventilation in brick / block buildings


Patented GB2527281B