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Transformer Housing TR9

Transformer Housing TR9

Dark Green 14-C-39
Light Brown 08-B-21
Light Green 12-B-21
Dark Brown 08-B-25
Other (+£140)1 Choose
Not Required
Ply Backboard (+£90)
Espagnolette lock for padlock
Pull Cord
2 off vents, steel louvre
South Wales Area (+£400)
Mainland Wales and England (+£600)
Scottish Borders (+£1000)
Central Scotland (P.O.A)
Highland & Islands (P.O.A)
Other Areas (P.O.A)

Price: £3045.00

  1. "Other" colours should be specified from one of the following ranges: BS5252, RAL 5100 or RAL 1002. If you have queries regarding this, please contact us before placing your order.

Double Doors complete with but hinges, shoot bolts, 10/10 door stays, and stainless steel espagnolette lock drilled for padlock.

Removable threshhold.

Roof over hang to provide undereaves ventilation front and rear.
2 off galvanised steel louvre vents.

4 No explosion relief brackets.

4 No galvanised steel corner brackets.

Please note the transformer range are designed for all weather transformers and give a high volume of ventilation, if you have specific IP requirements please contact the sales to discuss its suitability for your requirements.

Width  (external)

1800 mm

Height (max)

2000 mm

Depth  (external)

1700 mm

Door Information

Clear Width (mm)

1590 mm

Clear Height (mm)

1720 mm

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