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07 Apr 2020 COVID-19 STATEMENT

As a key supplier of/to critical national infrastructure projects throughout the UK, Morgan Marine Ltd endeavour to maintain sales, design and manufacture of its full range of products, to support the UK economy during these unprecedented times.

We have for some time prior to the current situation utilised homeworking for many of our sales, design and admin functions. This has now moved to 100% for all of these functions since 20th March.

Group Managing Director Martyn Ingram said “Our aim is firstly to ensure the safety of our employees at this time, maintain jobs and job security, and continue to provide a quality of product and service our market requires. I feel proud of our company and colleagues across all areas of the business and am truly heartened by the real can do and innovative attitude shown by our staff in making this transition happen.“

Customers can contact us in the usual way.