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30 May 2017 An ERP Revolution for Morgan GRP

Morgan GRP has entered a new era in its continuing evolution, having just gone live with its new Enterprise Resource Plannning (ERP) system, which is set to revolutionise the way the company works.

The ERP system represents a £1 million investment for the company – not to mention almost a year’s intensive training in the finer points of ERP, to ensure all of the Morgan GRP Directors and Team Managers are facile with its capabilities and functions.

Group Managing Director, Martyn Ingram, says: “We are one of a small handful of manufacturing companies of our size which has made this kind of investment in an ERP system and this indicates our continued commitment to being a forward-thinking company, which is serious about ongoing growth and success.

“Our security products are always evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients across the Utilities, Rail, Renewables, Nuclear and Construction sectors and it is important that we underpin this flexible approach to product development with a flexible and creative approach to the systems that help us deliver our highly-regarded products efficiently.

“The new system will provide us with detailed reports on performance, efficiency and potential savings, and these in turn will help us to refine our performance as a company, to the benefit of our clients.

“I am grateful to all of our Directors and Team Managers at Morgan GRP for taking on the considerable challenges involved in becoming fluent in the complexities of this new system, which I know will help us to deliver the high quality service which we are all so proud of.”

The first transaction carried out via the new ERP system saw a roof panel being ordered, moulded and dispatched, with the transaction analysed for potential efficiency savings.

The ERP system integrates all applications across the group, to manage the business and to automate many back-office functions relating to IT, services and HR.



Martyn Ingram, Leigh Hopkins and Steve Evans Completing the First Production Transaction in IFS



Martyn Ingram, Leigh Hopkins and Ben Scott-Jones